6 Things To Do During Public Holiday Singapore 2021

By | June 8, 2021

Holidays are eagerly awaited by everyone. After working your fingers to the bone during weekdays, having Saturday and Sunday to rest is bloody exciting. It is always good to find yourself on a holiday. You don’t have to go to work. It means there’s no meeting request, no email from the client, and no phone call from your boss. 

You still have lots of Public Holidays Singapore for the rest of the year. You can plan your activity during the holiday from now on and choose your best Singapore hotels. Don’t waste your precious days off and fill your days to boost your energy and make your sacred time of freedom rediscovers voucher Singapore. Here are 6 exciting things you can do both inside and outside your house during public holidays.  

  1. Go On a Picnic

If it is summer in Singapore, go grab your picnic mat and basket and go outside. It is one of the most wholesome things you can do during a public holiday. Find a peaceful park or riverside to relax with either by yourself or with your loved ones. Bring your favorite books to read, and fruits or snacks to eat.   

  1. Watch Movie

If going outside is not your cup of tea, then you can do other interesting activities in your house. Perhaps you have no time to watch the movie lately due to your overloaded works, so it’s time for you to enjoy the film you like. Get popcorn with you while watching. It’s okay to watch it at home and not going to the cinema. During COVID-19, it is probably closed temporarily. 

  1. Do a Hike

During the public holiday, invite your friends to do a hike in the nearest national park with your location. Drive yourself to Chestnut Nature Park, have a walk, breathe fresh air that will set you up for an amazing week ahead. Enjoy the scenery with native trees planted at this conserved park. You can also do mountain biking or bird watching. It will be much more refreshing.   

  1. Staycation at Hotel

Most of you probably wait for public holidays to stay at a hotel. Lots of activities you can do during your staycation, such as swim at the pool, stay in bed all day long, enjoy the hotel’s facilities, relax at a spa, or try their menu in the restaurant.   

  1. Stay at Home

If you have no idea what to do, perhaps it’s a rest day for you. It’s not a crime if you want to do anything you want or do nothing at all. You can have your me-time, sitting all alone, doing star-gazing at night, or simply just watch the blue clear sky from your rooftop. It’s totally up to you.

  1. Cook for Yourself

During public holidays it is good for you to cook and eat the food cooked by yourself. You can cook your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can try a new recipe that you keep for so long because you have no time to cook. If you don’t like cooking, you can find a new restaurant and order food through online delivery services.